Experiential artist Pipilotti Rist is taking gallery visitors into their comfort zone for a change with her latest sensory exhibition “Worry Will Vanish”.

For the exhibition Rist has transformed the gallery into a fully immersive, sensory environment. Projected against two walls, ‘Worry Will Vanish Horizon’ is a journey inside the human body, based on a three-dimensional animation. Rist delights in patterns created by manipulating creases of skin, caressing, pushing and pulling to depict the varied textures of human flesh. These corporeal images periodically overlap with close-up fragments from nature as Rist blurs the boundaries between the self and organic structures. She explores the relationship between internal and external, how individuals are linked to the tissues and blood vessels of other organisms, and in so doing, she suggests relationships with the universe at large.

All the elements of the exhibition, now in its last week at London’s Hauser & Wirth gallery, were created following principles of Autogenic Training, a method of relaxation developed in 1932 by German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz. Visitors are relaxed into a state of calm, turning the space into a retreat amid the bustling commercialism of London’s West End.