by Miryam Muller in ,

Brooklyn based creative studio Pensa are turning a few heads with their Street Charge concept that would seek to turn everyday city street signs into illuminated charging stations for mobile devices.

The idea is simple. Strap some photovoltaics to any upright piece of street furniture such as a bus shelter or street sign, and it becomes a simple matter of cables and conduits to turn the furniture into a charging station into which pedestrians can plug their telephones. They also add surfaces (made from locally reclaimed materials) on which to rest your phone, coffee, elbows and what have you, while you wait.

Re-imagining dead street furniture as connected hubs is a cool idea, hopefully the concept will make it to Amsterdam.

a small table or bench would attach to the street infrastructure acting as a 'rest stop' for individuals needing to re-charge their mobile devices

'street charge' would simply be integrated into existing sign structures

integrated photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy so that it may continue to be powered through the night

rendering of the photovoltaic cells embedded into 'street charge'