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Who designed the “@ symbol,” what was the very first search engine? If you have ever wondered how the internet came to be, The Big Internet Museum will give you a tasteful interactive tour through the ever-growing existence of the “World Wide Web.” Aside from that it’s a museum like any other, with curators READ MORE


Google has finally learned how to show instead of tell. Shot from the point of view of the Google Glass wearer, the video below, shows skydivers, ice skaters, ballerinas, skiers and pilots enjoying all of the augmented-reality and photo-capturing goodness of the glasses. Also, images on the Google Glass website show more uses for the READ MORE


These photos might seem like the surfaces of Mars, Venus or any other (undiscovered) planet, but in reality, they are far from. Christopher Jonassen, a Norwegian photographer shot these beautiful and otherworldly series called ‘Devour of frying pan bottoms’, which are visually similar to the craters on a planet. By removing the handles, Christopher brings READ MORE


The Lumino Kinetic and Beyond media project explores the properties of light and perception of space. The project has been presented at the digital media installation event IDAS (hongik university and has been developed by Japanese designer Yuri endo. Yuri developed the project for the final phase of his thesis project, elaborating on the previous experimentation, ‘luminous specimen‘ which READ MORE


While poorly made infographics are being called the “plague” of the internet, its awesome to see artists like Paul Marcinkowski (AKA Kaplon) create something truly original. You might remember the famous 1999 Stefan Sagmeister poster where the designer carved text into his own body with an X-acto knife. Needless to say, his unconventional method is READ MORE


The future of space travel is closer than most of us think and last night, at the “future of space travel” conference in Amsterdam, scientists Gerard ‘t Hooft, Bas Lansdorp en Michel van Pelt all gave us amazingly clear explanations on how we will be returning some time soon. Nowadays several space agencies are taking second looks at historical READ MORE


As drones, facial recognition technology, and cellphone snooping are starting to affect the broader culture, the New York-based artist Adam Harvey has designed a line of high-tech garments made with sophisticated fabrics that can block signals and thwart cameras. Set to launch next week in London as part of a collaborative project with fashion designer READ MORE


These creatures aren’t some futuristic insect-bots developed by the government or some shadowy conspiracy group to infiltrate our homes. No, they’re little sculptures put together by London photographer Luca di Filippo, using pieces of electronic waste for his series, “Daily Contaminations”, in which they have been posed with food and photographed. These bugs with their READ MORE 


Im loving this Publicis Switzerland campaign “For Any Hair Type” for Garnier Fructis, as between many boring or overly edited advertising photos this definitely finds some originality, shampoo that features guys with long beards that aren’t really beards and aren’t really attached to the guys. With the ad Garnier is responding to the fact that shampoo is for both READ MORE


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I love me some Starbucks. Chances even are that, along with many others who have fallen for the super consistent, cozy homey décor, burnt-coffee smell and the $4 latte, you can find me visiting the chain to grab a drink, to work or simply hang out with my friends every other day and in any other city I find myself in. If Starbucks has done anything, it has shown me how the ability of a brand can transform your day, and for that matter, your life.

Before Starbucks and I became best buddies, I used to find comfort in a cup of tea or coffee at the corner deli from where I used to live in New York: it was easy, there were no changes and no surprises. It was sustainable and utilitarian. It did its job. Then came Starbucks, that great paper cup of coffee that came in three different sizes, a huge range of flavors that could accommodate any mood, and that was available any time of day. What a concept! It was a cup of coffee that came with great music, free Wi-Fi, and the opportunity to support worthy causes. Who wanted the old beat-up cup of coffee anymore? A cup of Starbucks coffee gave comfort and status.

Yet Starbucks also is a company full of contradictions. On one hand, Starbucks leadership is passionate about improving the lives of tens of thousands of workers and shrinking their global carbon footprint. But on the other hand, the corporation has turned the latte into a fast food commodity that isn’t only bad for our waistlines and wallets, but has made it nearly impossible for smaller independent coffee shops to compete.

Insurance Quotes’ latest Hidden Costs video evaluates the global impact of Starbucks on our health, our environment and our economy. So what’s the grade? A respectable “B”. It turns out that the company’s forward looking leadership is truly making the company a healthier presence in the world.

Right now, you’re probably sitting within a mile of six Starbucks where you can blow $6 on a 780 calorie mocha. And maybe this video has gotten you hankering for one. So treat yourself. Chances are that mocha will be ground from fair trade espresso beans by a barista with company-provided health benefits.

The end result is that Starbucks does an extremely good job of providing coffee not only for the U.S., but worldwide, even if you may not necessarily dig their oft-burnt coffee, everyone surely loves a cozy environment and free Wi-Fi.

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