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KOR EcoLogic Urbee First 3D Printed Car

By now I think it's pretty clear that 3D printing is a big part of the future. Using this method, we could create buildings, furniture, cars and even clothing, on a way greener level.

Below you can watch a test drive of Urbee 2, the successor to the first 3D printed car in the world. This hybrid 3D printed car, created by engineer Jim Kor, is designed to be light, cheap, easy to reproduce and very efficient. It's made entirely of 3D-printed plastic parts, all except the engine and base chassis, which are metal.

One of the major upsides of 3D printed cars is that they can be recycled. FilaBot for instance, is a concept created by a student that turns discarded plastic into 3D printing threads. Such a concept could easily be adjusted to fit not only plastic bottles, but also larger car parts. Once the 3D printed car gets damaged, the owner would be able to disassemble it and use such a device for turning the parts into plastic filaments. These threads would then be used for printing another car.

Also, the light weight and sturdiness of this vehicle make it perfect for modern urban environments, as its name suggests, too. On top of that, such a 3D printed car would be highly appreciated by environmentalists, not only because it would be recyclable, but also because of its low fuel consumption.

So maybe the look of the car doesn't really appeal to everybody (yet,) but i'm sure that with the right design, these 3D printed cars are about to become a reality.


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