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NFC-4 Generally speaking, going to the gym can be a bit of a drag: memberships are pricey, it's far away, again somewhere inside and you have no idea how to use the equipment anyway. Although, if you live in San Fransisco, or anywhere else in America, there aren't many excuses not to go to the gym anymore.

The new National Fitness Court, part of the National Fitness Campaign, is an organization which spreads exercise jungle gyms around cities across America.

It’s a low-cost, open-air space, constructed in factories then modularly assembled on-site in just half a day. The idea is that any community could set up, customize, or relocate a gym in a public space, without spending to much money, as communities can request a gym to arrive for free, and locals don’t need to buy memberships.

To be able to do so, the NFC courts are corporately subsidized. The platform is pursuing a model in which businesses can use the space as an advertisement, subsidizing community fitness while scoring some solid PR in the process. It’s actually an old idea, one that started by Mitch Menaged back in 1979. It was quite successful. The decade-long, international campaign reached 4,000 cities in three countries. Now, Menaged, along with Sam Lucente, is launching the idea again, updated with 30 years of innovation. The first NFC has arrived in San Francisco already, and more than a dozen others are planned for the area in 2013.

Now guys, what are you waiting for?