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Who designed the "@ symbol," what was the very first search engine? If you have ever wondered how the internet came to be, The Big Internet Museum will give you a tasteful interactive tour through the ever-growing existence of the "World Wide Web."

Aside from that it’s a museum like any other, with curators, a diverse permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, different wings, donations and more, the Big Internet Museum doesn't have a building. The museum is an online-only resource, highlighting the many internet milestones.

The museum has been created by TBWA\Neboko in cooperation with Mediamonks and is definitely a nice way to jog your memory about things you’d forgotten about. Also for the younger generation who weren't around for the earliest years of the Internet, this is a nice introduction.

How the team describe themselves:

We seek to educate and inspire visitors from all over the world with an ever-growing collection about the Internet and the World Wide Web. Not only for this current generation, but also for generations to come. Remember the sound of a 56K dial-up modem? Your children probably don’t. In fact, chances are they don’t have a clue what a loading bar is.

We’re not in it for the money. The museum is a tribute to all the pioneers who made the Internet and the World Wide Web what it is today. Undoubtedly, the best is yet to come.

To take a trip through the museum click here!