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recycled-denim-insulation Levi's, denim pioneer, is now also making a great stand in the "green" area. The major denim label recently renovated their San Francisco flagship store. Among the improvements, an innovation caught my attention, it was the use of recycled denim for their building’s insulation.

The Recycled Denim Insulation product is made out of recycled denim and other cotton textiles, and features a natural fire retardant that also helps to inhibit mold and mildew. And thanks to the fact that it contains no chemical irritants and has no fiberglass itch, the stuff can easily be applied without having to wear a Hazard suit.

Another facet of Levi's Cares, their environmental initiative, is prompting customers to wash in cold water and line dry to reduce the energy consumption of caring for jeans. To push this along they're currently holding a Care to Air Design Challenge that "seeks the world's most innovative, covetable, and sustainable air-drying solution for clothing."


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