by Miryam Muller in

Massive-Modular-Shipping-Container-Bridge-1 Architect Yoav Messer is the design mind behind the new ECOtainer bridge in the Ariel Sharon Park in Israel. The ECOtainer bridge has been made from recycled shipping containers and will render the “trash mountain” of Hiriya, an unrecognizable area just outside of Tel Aviv. Hiriya had been shut down in 1998 after becoming the repository for 25 million tons of waste, yet since then, the whole area is in constant transformation and becoming one of the world’s most successful reclamation projects.

Nowadays Hiriya also harvests power to a nearby factory and the surrounding area is being converted into an urban park that is safe for a variety of outdoor recreational activities. The great thing about this is that it can all be assembled off site and transported to the bridge. Not only will this bridge be a gorgeous, colorful addition to the reserve, but there will also be points for observation along the way.

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