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If the previous versions of video chat applications seemed limited in the number of people you can talk with and share content, the founders of Rabbit developed a way to take the multiple video calls to the next level seamlessly.

Awakening multiple from private beta, Rabbit is a new social network that should change the way we watch videos, listen to music, communicate and share any type of content together.

“It’s time to shake-up how we communicate together online. While video chat tools enable live interaction, they aren’t social. Social networks give us new connections, conversations and discoveries, but they’re not live,” said co-founder Stephanie Morgan.

The founders of Rabbit used what they had learned developing some of the world’s most successful social games (i.g Mortal Combat) to revolutionize video chat. The result is a product that is radically different than most things available today. When sharing with an unlimited number of friends, Rabbit allows users to focus on screen captures and audio, to go over anything you wish in a private setting. While as a larger perspective, rooms can be set to simulcast music or video, sort of like going to a virtual concert or theatre on a desktop.

Beyond the smart meetup functionality, Rabbit’s design really shines by ditching the cold chat boxes and instead showing the chatters up in little circles.

If you are ready to start being very social with video and discover and share lots of content, Rabbit is definitely something to check out.

Rabbit Chat With Friends