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These days i'm pretty much sure that many of the best advertising ideas are not ads in the digital and social media age.

Take TNT’s new dramatic entrance into the Belgium market, where TNT literally brought drama to this tranquil country with the placement of a big red push button in the small town square of Flanders. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. People daring to push it were confronted with a flash mob of ambulances, fist fights, police shootouts, bikini-clad motorcyclists, and finally a banner that reveals the message, “TNT. Your Daily Dose of Drama.”

Since the video of the flash mob has gone viral, it has already racked up over 28 million views in less than a week. Of course, flash mobs and viral videos are not new. Last month in France, a young woman in Paris sampled the new Q10+ Nivea cream and ended up being encircled by a flash mob of handsome flower vendors, joggers, policeman, firemen, and even a modern day shining knight on a white horse. Needless to say, this execution was a huge viral hit with the French ladies with nearly a half-million hits.

Or just the amazing T-MOBILE London Heathrow "welcome home" commercial, welcoming people from their flights in these amazing circumstances!

What I love about these advertising ideas is that they are based on product benefits and creatively brought to life through fresh, non-traditional executions, engaging consumers in a fun, memorable way.

These should be good reminders that today’s most successful ad agencies are in the ideas business, not the advertising business.