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A recap after a month’s publishing, we’d like to share with you our favorite posts, check them out below!

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is famous for extraordinary large-scale sculptures that he usually creates with a healthy amount of humour. This time, he undertakes to enlarge a typical pictogram of an industrial zone and turn it into a three-dimensional habitable structure. Titled Little Factory, this object is situated right in a developing industrial zone in Drachten, Netherlands. more..

Just as I was starting to think about how cold, gray and harsh the Dutch weather can be, (it’s like 1 below zero)  after looking at these beautifully captured images from Igor Palmin’s book “Past Perfect,” I have to admit, I kind of feel better about our whole “cold, gray and harsh” situation and just try more..

Computers definitely have transformed our minds and imaginations. Many of us now embrace geometry and three dimensions and generative form thanks to our devices. But, sometimes, it’s worth stepping away from the screen. It lets us understand with our hands working away at a problem using something more than a mouse, to “see” with our fingers more..

The Western perception of the Soviet Union was one to be buttoned-down under tight control for any signs of unorthodoxy. While this may have been true politically, the same can’t be said for the architecture of the time, especially in the farther-flung reaches of the massive empire. As constructivism and Stalinist architecture has largely been more..

These days i’m pretty much sure that many of the best advertising ideas are not ads in the digital and social media age. Take TNT’s new dramatic entrance into the Belgium market, where TNT literally brought drama to this tranquil country with the placement of a big red push button in the small town square of more..

Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern recreated the famous portrait of Vincent Van Gogh in photography (with a random stranger). The resemblance is striking! Watch video comparison of the two below. From the artist: Revealing The Truth: Long long time ago a stranger asked me to make his portrait… So I did. I sent him the image and I never more..

Swedish “fast fashion” retailer Hennes & Mauritz is definitely one to keep up with the latest trends. After COS, Monki, Cheap Monday, Weekday and several successful collaborations the latest joint on their creative list will be “& Other Stories,” a development all shoppers should be very excited about. H&M’s & Other Stories will have a more..