by Miryam Muller in

These creatures aren’t some futuristic insect-bots developed by the government or some shadowy conspiracy group to infiltrate our homes. No, they’re little sculptures put together by London photographer Luca di Filippo, using pieces of electronic waste for his series, “Daily Contaminations”, in which they have been posed with food and photographed.

These bugs with their motherboard bodies and wiry legs are di Filippo’s statement on “the invisible electronic traces we leave in our daily activities.” Like the unseen insects that invade the darkest places of our houses and apartments, these traces surround us even while we remain oblivious to their presence.

In our hectic modern tech-filled lives we leave so many electronic traces around and perhaps the most intangible, but also the most pervasive, is the trail we leave in cyberspace every time we log on to the Internet or perform a simple act like having our debit or credit card swiped. Yet, the sketchy aspects of the electronic age is not just limited to our data trails, our favorite gadgets can also leave harmful toxins in your food, on your skin, and even in the air you breathe, just like cockroaches or flies leaving germy footprints in your jam.....

In all di Filippo does a great job at raising a fun kind of awareness with his tiny creations, and besides there awesome looks, this project definitely looks like it could make a pretty good Spielberg flick if you ask me!