by Miryam Muller in

This December Berlin-based beatmaker Robot Koch officially launched his 4th LP called Robots Don't Sleep. The project's video is a collaboration with singer John LaMonica and has a fresh galactic mix of composition and instrumentation. The video's story is based on characters from the ‘Invisible Empire,’ created by Finnish photographer, Juha Arvid Helminen. The series reflects images of faceless, Nazi-esque characters.

“The story in the video in part deals with themes of power and conformity. In the short screen time that we had we wanted to establish a power relation between our characters. We went for a seductive, paternal angle, and I think that it really comes through on this particular still.”

While this is the first Robots’ disc, Koch has been making a name for himself with band Jahcoozi throughout Berlin, and the rest of Europe. He’s also done work independently of that band as both a producer and composer for indie and major artists around the globe. This will be Koch’s fourth studio disc, and his first major-label release.

The video is visually stunning and a tat psychotic, get into it below.