by Miryam Muller in

From the same photographer who brought us James and other apes, this time, James Mollison has traveled around the world to meet different culture and to see how children were living in all these different countries. He took pictures of the children and their sleeping space, either it was a room or outside on a mattress. The pictures are now a part of his book called “Where Children Sleep”. The difference between the children’s places to live and their every day life from the different countries is shockingly different. Every child deserves a warm and nice home to grow up in, but far from everybody has that which you will see in these photos. All these photos are made using photography tutorials.Mollison was born in Kenya but grew up in England, and now he’s working in Italy. He wanted to make other children in the world be aware of the inequality that is going on around us. If we are going to change something in this world, we need to start from our children.

Whether they’re from a rich city or a slum, these images give an insight into these children and their worlds in a surprisingly touching way. Their toys – or lack of,  their pets, the posters that adorn their walls tell the stories..