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One of my favorite design influencers is Hiroki Nakamura, creative director of the Japanese cult brand Visvim. As Hiroki established and launched Visvim in 2000, since then, not only did his products become highly valued and sold in exclusive stores all over the world, but also he remained true to his brand by nurturing the traditional Japanese craftman spirit.

Visvim started as a small brand and Nakamura’s approach has always been to work through collaborations and to provide his voice to as many publications as request. By doing so, he has appeared in more than 25 separate interviews with world press since the brand launched, sharing his vision while competing against larger companies that are much better established in the market.

Hiroki’s view on fashion is composed out of a love and meticulousness in regards to the quality basic materials, the tradition of clothing, workmanship, and above all, to the design and the idea behind the product. While his ideas have nothing to do with religion, he worships materials and the processing of his products. I definitely believe this is something other producers should take note of, because there are, respectively, way too many products out there that just have no reason to exist. As we come closer to living in times that will have to deal with shortage in raw materials, clothes should not just be disposable articles.

In this cool interview, shot in Visvim's Hong Kong store by Hypebeast, Hiroki speaks candidly about his inspirations and the evolution of the brand.

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Autum/Winter 2010 Collection, “Dissertation on the Trail Towards the Summit of Transcendence”

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Hiroki Nakamura for Monclers

Visvim flagship store in Singapore

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