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There is always room for new, unique art initiatives and this one right here certainly seems awesome! The Sketchbook Project is a global, crowd-sourced art project where participants from all over the globe are sent sketchbooks to fill with their art. Afterwards the books are returned for annual inclusion in a permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library (While it's called "The Brooklyn Art Library," it has no connection to the Public Library system) which now already has over 22,000 sketchbooks from 130 countries. The library is open to the public and you can also check  out the sketchbooks online, as most of them have been digitized.

Pretty fantastic, but there’s even more.

With the support from Ugg Australia’s Creative Council the Sketchbook Project recently completed a custom-crafted trailer that will contain 1,000 sketchbooks selected around the theme ‘A Landmark & A Mission’ for inclusion in the first-ever mobile sketchbook library. The trailer will drive around the U.S. with stops in Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor and Cleveland, sharing the works of hundreds of artists. It’s like art meets libraries meets road trip, the perfect new social-creative project. Hopefully soon Holland will have a touring sketchbook library too.

For specific (US) times and places visit the Landmark and A Mission web site.