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Most men concern themselves with the big picture, executive-level decision making, charming the secretary and so on. Now, those guys can leave all the menial things, like choosing food & drinks, to the passionate peons at Mantry.

Mantry means “man’s pantry,” and for less than $50 a month these dude-food experts will send a curated selection of items matching all your favorite tastes and whatnots, then ship ’em to you monthly. The box contains a different theme of ingredients each month, November included: maple syrup-infused bourbon, bourbon-infused jam, bacon spread and all things Ron Swanson-approved.

“Between work, women and weekends, guys don’t have a lot of time to focus on food,” said Founder Kyle Zien in a release, “so we hope to step up and not waste their valuable time and money with things that suck.” Mantry doesn’t claim to up your dating game, but as the website explains, “babes recognize a man with taste,” and offering your date a cup of premium Oaxacan Hot Chocolate or showing off your collection of Norwegian Reindeer jerky “shows her you’re not some hack who only orders in.”

If I were a boy, i'd definitely know what website to visit next.

From Mantry:

"man·try noun \ˈmantrēe\ 1 : the modern man’s pantry

"We know you’re busy, so we scour the planet to hook you up with the best food & drink. We don’t write recommendations – we source, we send, you taste, you share. Sit on your ass and take all the credit.

Every month, we send a curated selection of items to fit the modern man’s lifestyle, from the rare and exotic to the downright functional. Break out Norwegian Reindeer Jerky over brews with the boys, or mix in an Oaxacan Hot Chocolate that shows her you’re not some hack that only orders in.

Even if you have no clue where the hell Oaxaca is, MANTRY aims to arm you with remarkable products, no BS advice on how to use them and a story to tell."