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Most of the time, my USB sticks disappear, I misplace them, loose them at a cafe, (my brother, working for the Mint hotel in Amsterdam, once even found Lady Gaga's USB stick she accidentally left behind) or, they come in some "trying-too-hard" form like a Lego brick or humping dog. For these reasons LA Product designer Isaac Appiah is a life-saver: he made a small collection of USB embedded accessories that delete the visual of a USB and makes it hard for you to lose it.

The pieces aren’t cheesy, like the way they may sound, but rather futuristic, sleek and incredibly simple as the whole collection could pass off as normal jewelry yet "secretly" functions in multiple ways.

These accessories are a part of his line Vilnvixn which is all about disguising technology in minimalistic jewelry. We’re really into it. You can check out more of these accessories here.

Intelligent Accessories

Intelligent Accessories