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Visual Supply Co, or simply VSCO for short, create “beautiful and efficient digital tools for the modern creative.” They’ve made apps like VSCO FILM, which emulates the look and feel of analog film, and VSCO CAM, a minimal iPhone photo editor with some really unique controls. To demonstrate how great their products are they’ve started a Journal section on their site which features interviews with artists like Jeff Sheldon of UGMONK and walkthroughs of creative spaces like the one you see above from creative agency, Instrument.

What I really love about seeing Instrument’s space is that it walks that fine line between proffessional and playful.  The teepee might be a bit much (but it is sound proof for important meetings!) but overall I think the space is really classy. It’s mostly neutral – black, white, concrete and steel everywhere. Here’s their description:

We are in an open seating plan. No offices. No cubicles. 70 desks all along one end of the 13,000 square foot space. Meeting rooms, lined with whiteboards, fill the other end. Down the center is the teepee, several small sitting areas and lunch tables. The 20 ft tall, wooden teepee is soundproofed on the inside and outfitted for video conferencing. All of our furniture was designed and built by Ben Klebba of Phloem Studio.

I love the no cubicle thing. Creative work, a lot of the time, is meant to be collaborative, and this space would certainly allow plenty of opportunities for that. I also thought it was funny that they have

VSCO Takes A Tour of Portland Creative Agency, InstrumentVSCO Takes A Tour of Portland Creative Agency, InstrumentVSCO Takes A Tour of Portland Creative Agency, Instrument