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The Museum of Contemporary Art recently launched a new endeavor called MOCAtv which brings the art world into the digital realm. As a fan of MOCA I have hopes for what the channel will become in time.

“MOCAtv is a timely and vital digital extension of the museum. The channel will attract the growing online audience of people on every continent who are interested in visual culture, and provide them with the opportunity to see, explore, and experience the art of today,” said MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch.

One of their newest shorts is this collaboration between animator Galen Pehrson and rap collaborative Death Grips who’ve created one trippy piece of animation. Just look at the images above and you’ll see how weird it gets. I think the art is amazing though and the combination of talent really pays off. You don’t see too many psychedelic rap videos these days.

'True Vulture' - Death Grips & Galen Pehrson collaboration for MOCAtv'True Vulture' - Death Grips & Galen Pehrson collaboration for MOCAtv