by Miryam Muller in

Household energy consumption is on a pretty big rise, yet there is no dearth of energy monitoring devices available on the market today. The reason could be the fact that users of energy consumption monitoring devices mostly show figures, which most people don’t really relate with nature and the environment. Designers Loove Broms and Marie-Lousie Gustafsson are aiming to change the way people interact with energy monitors and relate them to the environment with the Energy Plant.

The Energy Plant is a conceptual energy monitoring LCD display that shows the electricity consumption of a household in the form of a growing digital plant. The device is connected to the electricity meter of the home and each month the user can plant a new “digital seed” for the type of the digital plant they wish to grow. In a household where energy isn’t really being wasted and the energy consumption is low, the plant thrives fast and in case of heavy consumption the plant withers away.

The designers say that the display can be placed near a window just like an ordinary plant for a more realistic look. The designers believe that our love for gardening and plants can encourage people to conserve even more energy and since the monitor doesn’t actually display a set of numbers depicting the present energy consumption, the plant’s condition is all the users have to check.