by Miryam Muller in

With escapism being a big trend these days (Off The GridHeineken Experience, The Eco Lodge) all kinds of cool "minimal simple" designs are flourishing around the globe, and this time in Holland.

If you ever fancy going off the grid on the Dutch countryside in attempt to escape city life for a weekend, this might just be the spot. Het Verborgen Verblijf  (the UK equivalent of the concept is called "Country House Hideout" ) promises you to stay in the style of the great explorers and adventures of past times.

Hiding out at "Het Verborgen Verblijf" basically means; camping in a big tent in the middle of the woods with no warm water from the tab, no way to power your electrical devices and no gas for cooking. For some this might sound like a "relaxing time," but for me as a city girl, it kind of means the opposite. Nevertheless, the place looks awesome and it might be fun to be able to get up in the morning, walk over to a chicken coop to grab some eggs after you build a fire in the cooking cart opposite from your tent to make some pancakes.

What this camping spot reminds me of most is the concept of Dude ranches. A popular way for "city folks" to experience life on farms in the countryside, which some US people liked to do back in the 20's-30's.


For warm bathing water, you take a little barrel on wheels to a nearby shed and fill it up. Operated by cranking the lever back and fort, water gets pumped into a bucket with some holes and voila, shower!