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http://youtu.be/502KryEguA0 So if you have ever wondered what happens when you combine firearm expertise, underwater experimentation and precious stone collecting, then definitely the (quite unexpected) artwork of former US Navy Corpsman Andrew Tuohy will intrigue you.

Since shooting guns under water is already pretty badass, even more impressive is the resulting flower shapes that hollow bullets form when put under such extreme pressure.

Tuohy runs a blog called Vuurwapen (the Dutch word for firearm), where he provides photos, videos and accounts of testing various gun-related gear. During one such test, an underwater examination of several different gun shots, Tuohy was left with jacketed hollow point bullets that resembled flowers.

The avid gemstone collector went even farther with his surprisingly beautiful results, affixing topaz, sapphire and peridot to his aptly named "tactical flowers." The finished products, which Tuohy describes as a "sort of evil beauty" on his website, makes us wish he could design the next cover for a Guns N' Roses' album.

Commenting on the process of underwater art making, Tuohy writes on his blog: "As pretty as this stuff is to look at, it is also painful -- I have plenty of scars from being sliced and poked by metal objects, but holding those bullets in my hand almost made me shiver. I would definitely not want to get shot by any of that stuff (duh)." In other words, don't even think of trying this at home, folks.