by Miryam Muller in

So how cool are these images? These Fata Morgana'esque looking pictures are the amazing works of photographer Mark Dorf. In Axiom & Simulation, photographer Mark Dorf examines how humans interpret and explore our physical surroundings, through scientific and digital imagery. These interpretations may manifest in the form of mathematical or scientific abstract calculations. With these additions, we may lose our connection and relationship with the source when the calculated representation is juxtaposed to the physical reality.

“Take for example a three-dimensional rendering of a mountainside. While observing the rendering, it holds a similar form to what we see in nature but has no physical connection to reality– it is merely a file on a computer that has no mass and only holds likeness to a memory. When translating the rendering into binary code, we see just 1’s and 0’s – a file creating the representation from a language composed of only two elements that have no grounding in the natural world.”