by Miryam Muller in ,

In my eyes, these are the typical work environments that look so good, personal and free that you can create just about anything that is amazing. And this beautiful series of the finest images, simply titled workspaces have been captured by Meggan Gould.

Meggan is a photographer, working as an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of New Mexico. Her work is mostly centered around still life photography, capturing the intimate details of life.

I think the success of this series is that she was able to capture soul, pasts and presents of characters in such a wide variety of spaces, retaining the essence of what they are in each photo. The green house is all filled up with plants, the spinning wheel is surrounded by clumps of wool and the painter is surrounded by, well, all sorts of inspiring things to paint. Meggan’s ability to focus in the complexity or simplicity highlights not only the work being done, but the personality of the person making the work. Without even seeing the artisans behind these projects we get a sense of who these people might be.