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paul simenon, the clash, 1981
Janette Beckman has spent decades photographing sub cultures of London and New York. An influential photographer of the punk era. Her incredible work has been brought together in ‘The Janette Beckman Newspaper’, a limited edition, 24 page collection of black and white work featuring street scenes, cholos, hip hop kids and other parts of sub culture.
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the jam, london, 1979
joe strummer, the clash, milan, 1981
boy shop, kings road, london, 1979
paul weller & pete townsend, soho, london, 1980
blitz club, london, 1981
the sex pistols, hyde park, london, 1977
ub40, birmingham, 1980
boy george, notting hill gate, london, 1981
east l.a. girls, 1983
shane macgowan, the pogues, soho, london, 1981
janette beckman with lemmy, 1981
rockabillies, made in the u.k. 1976-1982
punks at sid vicious memorial march, london, 1979
rude boy twins chuka + dubem, 1981
belinda carlisle on stage with the go-gos, 1982
junior delgado, notting hill, london
all photos by janette beckman.