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In the middle of the "Het Amsterdamse Bos" (The Central Woods of Amsterdam, Netherlands), the beautiful kick-off Spring Summer 2013 fashion show of GARCIA JEANS took place and was a huge success from beginning till the end.

Through a mysteriously illuminated path, you were lead to a wooden platform constructed high above the ground, surrounded by forest trees, music, picnic benches and tapas. In the middle of the platform arose the beautifully constructed catwalk.

After the tapas you were invited to walk in behind the catwalk stage, which lead you to discover a new world. Hidden between the forest trees, GARCIA JEANS presented their new Spring Summer 2013 collection in multiple treehouses and other art installations, that were named different, such as MIRROR HOUSE,  VOYEUR, BOUDOIR and BIRDS DEN.

Walking back to the wooden platform after having seen all the installations, in the darkening evening the fashion show began and was an immediate success. All the models would walk up the catwalk from different angles showing off all the new and unique pieces of the Spring Summer 2013 collection from Junior to Adult.

Check out our exclusive images of the evening below.