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Jessica Stockholder Color Jam Chicago This month, Color Jam, Chicago's largest-ever public installation has been revealed. Color Jam is composed with over 76,000 square feet of colored vinyl, covering various surfaces, like the roads, the crosswalks and buildings, at the intersection of State and Adams.

Multimedia artist Jessica Stockholder is behind this fun installation which is a three-dimensional homage to the artist Christo and commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance's Art Loop. The idea is to create "a cubic volume of color in the intersection wedged between four corners and four buildings" or to make one feel like they've stepped into an animated film.

"It's a little bit like when a movie shifts from black to white to color, I think," said Stockholder. "Or when a movie moves from an animated section to real photography. It just gives you a little different sense of where you are."

Jessica Stockholder Color Jam Chicago

Jessica Stockholder Color Jam Chicago