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Matteo Cibic is a product designer and creative problem solver. He loves to invent new products by working with craftsmen that are interested in experimenting with different materials and production techniques. Matteo’s creative process is often sparked by basic things such as ideas that come from the subject and the materials and from his knowledge and study of production mechanisms. These help him to search for new technical solutions and working techniques which can then be transformed and used to create new objects. One of the outstanding aspects of Matteo’s products is that they often hide unexpected functions, creating an interaction with the user.

Basically Domsai is a Tamagotchi for our desk. It is produced with craftsmanship in Nove, in the neighbourhood of Bassano del Grappa. Each Domsai has its own personality, each cactus has its own dome, tailor made and blowed, that differentiates it from the others.

the Golden Domsai