by Miryam Muller in ,

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the high-end Swiss jeweler Atelier XJC decided to publish a lush magazine chockfull of its latest experiments–fantastical explorations of materials and form. Not only would the designs, inspired by Elizabethan ruffs and scaled armor, be unlike anything on the market, they’d be worn by unconventionally striking models handpicked by Brice Compagnon, the casting agent credited with discovering supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Apart from marking a milestone, Atelier XJC’s founder, Xavier Perrenoud, wanted to showcase the first offerings of his much newer endeavor: a research studio focused on creating original, offbeat objects in keeping with the firm’s reputation for exquisitely crafted objects with luxury price tags. But rather than using precious metals, the firm produced finely textured acessories from paper, leather, and “high-tech materials.” The results, starkly captured by the photography duo Milo Keller and Julien Gallico, are weird in all the right ways. Lady Gaga has never seemed so passé.

Atelier XJC’s founder, Xavier Perrenoud