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Daybreak is an original drama series AT&T developed with Heroes’ creator Tim Kring to give customers a new way to experience the AT&T brand and innovation story across multiple layers of media. Tim Kring is credited with bringing the concept of “transmedia” to Hollywood with his cross-platform entertainment. He is also known for his exploration of themes like interconnectivity and global consciousness made possible through technology. After visiting AT&T Labs, he was convinced that our technology could help him lead the future of storytelling, and Daybreak is a product of that.

Daybreak is the story of an everyman character, Ben Wilkins, who finds himself at the center of a global conspiracy. When Ben discovers an ancient and mysterious object called a dodecahedron, he quickly learns that he must restore it to its rightful place to avert catastrophe and allow humanity to make its next evolutionary leap forward.

Along the way, Ben faces fierce resistance from a collection of the world’s most secretive and powerful families. However, Ben is aided in his journey by a crafty underground group of allies called the Jack Boxers. Should Ben fail, the power would fall into the hands of the few and the world would plunge farther into chaos. Daybreak unfolds through five roughly 10-minute online films, websites and a smartphone app, each exploring different facets of an exciting and complex character journey.

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