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http://vimeo.com/42992469 ‘Câmara Neuronal’ transformes the brain signals of the performer into realtime audio and visual compositions. The movement / physical interpretation, as well as mental and sensory interpretation of the performer, are translated in real time into sound and visual compositions within an immersive projection environment.

One of the most innovative aspects explored in this project is the close link between the narrative and emotional aspects of the performer, achieved through a neural-physiological signal recording device (EEG – electroencephalogram) in synchronization with the visual and sound aesthetics. The EEG helmet, adorned with cables that connect to the ceiling evoke a “brain connection” to the system. The helmet signals are transmitted via wireless to a software trained specifically to the mental states of the artist Adolfo Lúxuria Canibal. The Digital Art is produced by João Martinho Moura, and the music by Miguel Pedro Guimarães. The event represents a collaboration between Art and Technology.

Câmara Neuronal is a neuro / audio / visual performance unfolding around the character of the Adolfo Luxúria Canibal.