by Miryam Muller in

A Mesmerizing Shantytown Where The Shacks Double As Musical Instruments  New Orleans is so full of music that its very houses sing, or so says the Brooklyn-based street artist Swoon. The former Deitch Gallery artist, celebrated for sending populated boats made of city garbage down the Hudson and crashing the 54th Venice Biennial by raft, has now brought her bohemian magic to dry land, collaborating with some 25 artists and musicians to build river refuse into a ramshackle musical village on the banks of the Mississippi.

Titled The Music Box and on view in New Orleans’ artsy Bywater district, the “sound laboratory” resembles a shantytown of interconnected, tool-shed-sized structures. Made from scavenged local materials, each shack houses an experimental instrument, from an organ staircase to a rocking-chair harp.