by Miryam Muller in , An important element of organisms is that they interact with one-other. How else can we adapt to our environment? Technology can help us designing brands as if they are living organisms.Then we can start interacting with these branded organisms. MotionBeam studies how hand-held projectors can play a part in this. Every hand-held nowadays has all the senses we humans also have. Think of the camera, microphone but don’t forget the Gyroscope & compass. It uses these senses to enhance the (branded) experience.

The MotionBeam is a project by Disney Research that explores the use of handheld projectors to interact and control projected characters. The project explores physical movement of the projection device, much like a motion controller, how it may be used to guide and interact with the virtual/projected characters and interact with physical environment.

"Our character and racing game applications show how MotionBeam can be applied and used with mobile games. It can also be utilized for augmented reality interaction, by linking projected content to physical objects in the environment. We envision MotionBeam as a key component in a new ‘game projector’ platform where the real world becomes a playground and users interact directly with each other and the environment."

The prototype shown is implemented using an iPod Touch 2G, a Microvision ShowWX laser projector, and a microcontroller-sensor unit. Applications run in real-time on the device and are written in a combination of C++, OpenGL, and Objective-C.

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