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The Modwells System is a sensible health monitoring system that you can wear. This hi-tech system aims to improve your physical and emotional health by improving your life quality.

A set of sensors, for input and output are hidden in the garments to gather and assess your health data and provides quick feedback and alerts about your health position. You can set goals and schedules for your healthy routines and check the data on your iPhone or iPad. Modwells System increases awareness and care for a healthy lifestyle.

Modwells, created through Artefact, delivers a consumer-focused healthcare experience integrated into your daily life. It improves your physical and emotional health and enhances the quality of your life. The system respects the unique health and wellbeing needs of each user and accommodates those needs through a customizable solution that blurs the line between traditional medical products and consumer products.

The modwells system allows you to combine biometric data in any combination that suites you and ultimately allows you to look at different combinations of data in a way that makes sense to your situations and needs.

The modwells system consists of input/output objects called “mods” that are designed to be carried or worn. As inputs, they collect and assess environmental and biometric data. As outputs, they alert you when the data is off track from your goals, display the status of the collected data, and share collected data to your network. They can be used individually or combined with other mods. It’s up to you how you use them.

The data collected by the mod is sent via a wireless connection to the cloud and to selected people in your support group including friends and even doctors. It provides direct access to health data and presents it in a consumable way on any device such as a phone or tablet.

The posture garment accessory consists of a washable stretch sensing eTextile and a snap connection that allows you to easily attach a “move” mod. When attached, the mod is used to power your garment and collect the data. The garment’s muti-directional sensing measures side/side, forward/back, and twisting movement. The mod assesses the data and provides haptic feedback that alerts you when your posture does not match your goal

The mods provide alerts and feedback in context to help you make the right decisions. A mobile application provides in depth information about your data, related health information and suggestions on how to improve.