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A recap after a month’s publishing, we’d like to share with you our favorite posts.

Mike Ko unveils his latest creation with “iPhone Diorama”. Visually very successful, this 3D animation video about the Apple smartphone. This showcases the talent of this artist based in Los Angeles.

If you thought that the vampire craze sweeping silver screens recently was at its end, you thought wrong.

Silent World” is a series of photographs from Paris-based photographers Lucie and Simon. From New York and Paris to Beijing and Italy, these photographs are a depiction of some of the world’s most recognizable and busiest public outdoor spaces vacated and devoid of crowds...

Developed by American mechanical engineering grad student Jeff Kessler, ‘TJ*‘ is a customizable robot puppet, designed as a remote-control toy for kids or tinkering platform for budding programmers and digital artists...

Christophe Guberan, a student of Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), designed the Hydro-Fold consisting of an inkjet printer  whose end product are pieces of paper which ‘pleat’ into 3D forms...

CityMaps was founded by Elliot Cohen in 2010 with the simple premise: Today’s online maps are great at helping you get from point A to point B – but what about the journey in between?

Old classic utensils are turned into modern porcelain collection through the combination of soft material (fabric) and  hard material (ceramic). This “experimental” project is the result of Rachel Boxnboim‘s final project at the Industrial design department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

This futuristic mobile location-based app concept aim is to create opportunities for people who can help each other without their knowledge in different ways: job search, house for rent, stuff to buy, causes to join, etc.

Koubachi, is an app-based plant growing system by alumni of technical universities in Switzerland and Germany.

Hallingdal 65 was developed in 1965 by Danish furniture designer Nanna Ditzel, it has a unique wool-and-viscose composition and a rich, tweedy texture that’s been rolled out everywhere, from airports and hospitals to museums and private homes.

Namsa Leuba’s latest photographic series, YaKalaBen, is captivating. Similar to Phyllis Galembo’s fantastic photobook, Maske, it focuses on unusual and interesting tribal attire.

The people at Bughouse have created what they call “Future Fossils” out of cast cement.

Instagram, the iPhone application that has transformed the modern day ‘mupload‘, plans to offer more than just the average hipster photo.