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http://youtu.be/v4w3mmLL66c The exhibition 'A World Without Petrol' transforms forty gasoline pumps into useful and playful items, among them a London telephone box, a garden trellis, water fountain, and coffee machine. The installation was commissioned by Nissan in honor of the release of the 100% electric 'leaf' in Australia-- itself sharing the same upcycled roots as the project, containing recycled and 95% recyclable parts with seat fabric partially composed of recycled plastic bottles. The pumps were created by James Dive of the Australian branch of Sydney/New York -based creative collective The Glue Society.

Dive comments, 'a petrol bowser that no longer pumps petrol is an exciting prospect. By taking such a functional object, and reinterpreting that function, it paints a compelling and light hearted insight into what a world might be like without petrol.'

Among the transformed bowsers: a television, popcorn machine, balloon stand, working safe, pacman gaming booth, fishtank, slurpy beverage machine, scarecrow, birdfeeder and birdcage, bubble machine, harp, dollhouse, refrigerator, and jukebox.

left to right: bird feeder, bookcase, coffee machine

left to right: barber stand, balloon dispensary, greenhouse, lampshade

a guitarist plays next to the amplifier bowser

left to right: grandfather clock, fireplace

closer view of the working keyboard

left to right: bean trellis, chalkboard, target

close view of the pie warmer pump

close view of the gumball machine pump

visitors play mini-golf during the interactive exhibition