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More and more real objects are becoming interactive and some even social. Snibbe interactive made a whole business around these principles. Their cool interactive displays, walls, floors, and exhibits are available globally and are installed in over 25 countries. Below a selection of their products.


An interactive, multi-touch display, the sleek, interactive table boasts an intuitive interface that suggests a huge iPad. When you place a subject card on the SocialTable, or even your bare fingers, options appear with related points of interest forming a constellation of possibilities.


Using the same performance-capture technologies from blockbuster films, Snibbe Interactive’s SocialStage translates visitors real-time motions into your own on-screen animated characters and worlds. Light years beyond similar technologies, SocialStage uses a dozen cameras to capture every subtlety of visitors’ personalities. Anyone can bring a motion capture character to life in real time, regardless of shape or stature to enjoy an experience that makes them part of the action.


SocialScreen uses your body’s image to interact with an immersive wall projection wherein visitors can move and manipulate a variety of customized virtual objects and scenarios, tailored to fit the needs of your brand, exhibit or promotion.

Each exhibit engages both visitors’ minds and bodies as they maneuver on-screen animations, delving into your content and enjoying a physical, emotional and memorable shared experience.


SocialShare is Snibbe Interactive’s unique, patent-pending technology to extend immersive experiences into online social networks. SocialShare is added to any immersive interactive as a touch-screen display adjacent to the experience. On this display, visitors find videos of themselves and their friends interacting with the experience that they can email to themselves, and share in online social networks like Facebook.

Further, as technologies get simpler, smaller and cheaper and as commercial media producers become more attuned to the possibilities that arise from two-way-communicable platforms, sophistication in the design of bespoke interactive displays will grow. Look out for more innovative uses of interactive floor projection in retail and other public spaces near you.