by Miryam Muller in

After collaborating with brands such as: Kidrobot, Vans, G-Shock, Bacardi, Adidas México and Televisa, Mexico City-based artist Saner’s has his first private exhibition in San Francisco at FIFTY24SF  which opened on March 16th, 2012.

“Corazón Sagrante” features paintings and drawings on paper that depict his signature mystical animal beings with Mexican masks and skulls. As written by FIFTY24MX curator Liliana Carpinteyro, Saner’s “free and unpretentious spirit allows him to express a new Mexican vision.”

Saner (Edgar Flores) titled this exhibition “Corazón Sangrante” (Bleeding Heart), while reflecting on the things he saw around him: violence, anger, happiness, anxiety, and fear. Saner says these are the issues that most Mexicans deal with as part of a daily ration of “food”: junk food that is “consuming the body of a society that is getting closer to it’s destruction, unless the blood warriors awake,” he says.

Using the contrasts of lights-shadows and light-darkness, Saner reflects the eternal battle of men, his images referring to that absurd struggle of daily survival, exposing chaos as the background for resurrection. Those who see their reflection in these images will be reunited with the impossible dream, a utopia of mirrors that nobody wants to recognize and to which all escaped.