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Old classic utensils are turned into modern porcelain collection through the combination of soft material (fabric) and  hard material (ceramic). This “experimental” project is the result of Rachel Boxnboim‘s final project at the Industrial design department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. An eye-catching tableware that brings a touch of the past into your modern kitchen.

This project started when she decided to sew a teapot. She took the measurements from her mothers old teapot and when she was finished she had a mold. She sewed utensils such as cups, plates, sugar container and a milk jug. Then Rachel casted porcelain into this fabric molds and after a while she emptied it from the middle. In the process of burning in the kiln the fabric disappears and only the ceramic is left. The color in some of them is from a stain powder. In this project, the designer made a connection between a soft material (fabric) and a hard material (ceramic), perpetuating and preserving the properties of the fabric. The ceramic takes on the texture of the fabric and the appearance of the seams, and looks like a kind of hardened textile.

The utensils are useful and contain an element of surprise. The work included trying out different patterns and different fabrics, the form of the utensil being determined by the pattern, or considerably influenced by the fabric, and changing from utensil to utensil.

Alice is on view this week as part of Bezalel’s exhibit at Ventura Lambrate during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.


Source: rachelboxnboim.com