by Miryam Muller in

This futuristic mobile location-based app concept aim is to create opportunities for people who can help each other in different ways: job search, house for rent, stuff to buy, causes to join, etc.

The app scans the users internet activity and finds his “needs”, then finds people in the immediate area who can answer this need. Such as: Movie producer looking for actors and an actor looking for a job, sitting in the same coffee shop without knowing, person with start-up idea and investor, person with inspiration and designer…

* The users can share their needs and search opportunities for each other in relatively distant locations. * By using information like facebook events, the users can find future opportunities in their area. * By shifting the device, the user can add or remove information layers from the map.

The principles followed by this app are belief in the power of face2face meeting, and finding stuff “on the way” without the active search itself.