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http://vimeo.com/35772430 Amnon Owed, a visual artist based in the Netherlands, usually works with Illustrator and Photoshop. But when the conventional graphic designer plays with open source computer programming visualizer Processing, a hypnotic, celestial animation is rendered.

Owed’s latest, GLMesh, the video featured above, uses a combination of Processing, Toxiclibs, GLGraphics, and Proscene to create a scintillating visual feast. Set to the sounds of Chinese composer Chan Wai Fat, the video uses colors based on technical standard mapping to extend the depth of the image and create a multi-sensory dream.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, the work demonstrates the evolution of what started strictly as a way to teach the fundamentals of computer programing in a visual context. Processing, which uses open source programming as a means of education, is now a tool for generating finished professional work.

Check out the video and get lost in its brilliance.