by Miryam Muller in

Italian studio MARC has transformed a 20th century classical mansion in Turin, Italy into a contemporary office space for the lawyer firm, Tosetto, Weigman and associates. The interior includes a grand entry staircase which leads to the first floor reception and a library network which has been suspended above the main employee floor. The white steel walkway which weaves above hallways to form a mezzanine level, containing lines of bookshelves which may expand over time given the breadth of the extensive labyrinth. Detached from the structure's walls, the books themselves act as a safety element, lining the interior of the winding corridor. Activity within the glass enclosed element may be seen from desks below as employees browse the reference collection while voids along the perimeter of the elevated pathway introduce illumination from the work areas. A new perforated mesh metal stair connects each of the seven levels, contrasting the grand entry staircase which leads to the office's reception.