by Johanna Bilitza in ,

Insects are becoming interesting nourishment as an alternative to pork, chicken and beef. In Asia, Africa or South America insects are a common meal. 150 years ago we still ate insects in Europe, for example cockchafers in the soup, because they were nutritious and not expensive.

Insects don't need a lot of water, space nor food and they don't produce liquid manure. Insects contain many proteins, vitamins and iron. They can even nourish themselves from leftovers.

You need ten kilos of fodder, in order to get one kilo beefsteak from cows. Feeding insects with ten kilos of food will produce eight kilos of insect meat and it is as good as the meat of cows and pigs.

At the moment there are three kinds of insects produced in the Netherlands as human food: grass hoppers and two different species of flour worms. Three roasted worms have as much as protein as a hen's egg.  Insects are the most healthiest aliment that exists at present. If you want to learn more about this subject, check out this interesting video of Marcel Dicke, a Dutch agricultural entomologist.

Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects