by Miryam Muller in

Disco can make a full comeback now that the object which represented it to the fullest has been revived from the dead by the artistic group known as ROTGANZEN. Based in Rotterdam/Schiedam, its three founders Robin Stam, Joeri Horstink and Mark van Wijk, describe their artworks as, ‘melted disco balls’ that are amorphously shaped.  Covered in a layer of intricate mirror pieces which make up their mosaic type outer skin, they take us back to the days, not only of glorious ‘disco’ itself, but to a past glory through their new, fresh and irregular shape. One could say that their abstract forms portray the Daliesque style of a time that has gone by. In saying that however, these pieces do not express melancholia, but rather exude humor and motion and it is this ideology which is cleverly interpreted in the relationship between the blobs and the exhibit space that they inhabit.

The blobs themselves are being exhibited as part of a collection titled ‘Quelle Fête’’, currently on view at two different locations: