by Miryam Muller in , , , Mercedes Benz has announced its new Invisible car. Created to advertise the car’s ability to produce zero emissions and protect the environment, Mercedes-Benz covered the automobile in several mats of LEDs on the driver side of the car and mounted a Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR camera on the opposite side of the vehicle.

This idea is quite similar to the “invisibility coat” designed by a Japanese scientist during 2003 or the iPad 2 Halloween costume that displays a giant, grotesque hole in the human body.

Mercedes is doing almost the same trick. Even though people could still tell there was a car going by, they seemed impressed by the “invisible” fuel-cell vehicle.

The video shows the car being driven by a Mercedes-Benz representative and demonstrates consumers staring at the car as it is driven throughout Germany. As the car moves, the LED lights periodically fade to black and display a text advertisement.

The slogan of the advertisement is “Invisible to the environment. F-CELL with 0.0 emissions.” The video demonstrates the ability of the LED lights to hide the vehicle when parked both in an urban environment and a wooded area.

The company assures that its new drive system is “ready for series production,” but other reports claim its commercialization set for 2014.

F-cell LED's placed over the car on one side.

F-cell LED's placed over the car on one side.

Cannon 5d mark II camera mounted on the other side of the camera.

Mercedes Benz Invisible car