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A recap after a month’s publishing, we’d like to share with you our favorite posts.

Kengo Kuma and Associates are an architectural practice based in Tokyo (and Paris) and employs a familiar style throughout their work: the combination of locally-sourced, elementary materials with contemporary chicness.

Here’re a few looks from Jeremy Scott‘s Fall 2012 collection.

A new species of Chameleon, Brookesia micra, was recently discovered o Nosy Hara, a small island near Madagascar.

You’re traveling with a friend and she poses in front of a famous monument. You’re ready to take her picture with your phone but there’s a constant stream of people and vehicles getting in and out of your shot.

Not only did Jamie Oliver recently established his premium-chain of Italian restaurants, than collaborated with American BBQ expert Adam Perry Lang on the Tom Dixon designed Barbecoa, now, his latest enterprise follows his latest theme; good, honest British grub.

Despite growing individualism, we seem increasingly more alike.

Openarch recently released their prototype of a completely digitized smart house to the public. Designed to adapt to its inhabitants, all components of the house are connected to the internet creating a parallel home on the web.

Here Alain de Botton’s Luminarie De Cagna featured at Ghent Light Festival held in the Belgium from January 26-29th.

Forget the random pictures of babies and puppies, alarming status updates from family members and political rants. On My-ArtMap, you will be immersed in art.