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F.A.T (Free Art and Technology) Lab is an international art guerrilla network that consists of about 20 people: artists, engineers, lawyers, musicians and scientists. They develop creative technologies and media to improve websites. F.A.T. Lab writes programs, Add-ons, which you can download and install in your own browser. Supporting open values and individuality, they propose Add-ons which allow you to tag graffiti on websites and to leave personal expressions. Every other user who installed the same program calling "Webmarker" can see your creations. The project "Pirates of the Amazon" installed in 2008 a "For-free-button" on the Amazon website which was linked to The Pirate Bay. After an immediate warning, they removed the button that was only online for two days. A very nice program is "Add Art" which replaces banner ads by art pieces that change every two weeks. You can even become a curator too. F.A.T. Lab is drawing the attention to universalization and the commercialization of the web by Facebook by proposing "I don't like-buttons" and graffiti for your own profile. If you use the "China Channel" you can simulate surfing in the internet in China. You will get a premonition to cut your internet access while searching for the word "democracy". I love the idea of digital demonstration "Occupy the Internet" where you can create little groups protesting on your computer screen.