by Miryam Muller in

Lithuanian creative studio Korb created this great 30sec video where Coca-Cola bottles dance on the rhythm of electro harp music. They created this Coca-Cola promo film for Eyeka co-creation community contest last year.  The video went viral and in less than a week, 80K+ views just on Vimeo!

Coca-Cola engaged eYeka to gather fresh expressions of its brand promise: “Energizing refreshment” through videos, animations, illustrations and photographs that could be used in its marketing campaigns worldwide.


As there were no scenario restrictions Korb decided to withdraw this massively popular product from traditional soft drink’s settings and interpreted it just as well-recognizable object, red topped white glass bottle with brown drink inside.

Note that this is not an official Coca-Cola video.

More information at www.korb.lt & www.eyeka.net