by Miryam Muller in

How often do we really observe all the wonders around us? The world is made-up of an infinite series of incredible miracles: the earth, humans, nature, or the sky to name a few. Things we take for granted, things that we see so often that at some point we stop seeing them.

Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde has recently created an installation at Hotel MariaKapel close to magic. It makes us question the notion of what makes a sculpture. “Nimbus” presents a beautiful floating cloud within a gallery space. Like most things in life, the installation is ephemeral, fleeting since the viewer may only experience it for a brief moment before it dissipates entirely.

When asked what he wanted to create for Probe gallery, the artist said: I imagined walking into a museum hall with just empty walls. The place even looked deserted. On the one hand I wanted to create an ominous situation. You could see the cloud as a sign of misfortune. You could also read it as an element out of the Dutch landscape paintings in a physical form in a classical museum hall. At the same time I wanted to make (for once) a very clear image, an almost cliché and cartoon like visualization of having bad luck: “Indeed, there nothing here and bullocks, it’s starting to rain!”